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Global National: Oct. 19, 2023 | Israel tech workers on a mission to find hostages

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Some 200 people are still being held captive by Hamas since its surprise attack in Israel, while the Israeli military prepares for a potential ground invasion of Gaza. Jeff Semple gets an inside look at how a volunteer team of high-tech experts are helping track down the hostages.

As the bloodshed between Israel and Hamas rages on, the Israeli military is also exchanging fire with Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Lebanese militant group, across the Lebanon-Israel border. Crystal Goomansingh visited the area to speak with people who are desperate to leave because of the violence, while others insist on staying put.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is the latest world leader to tour the Middle East, where he's trying to help ease tensions amid Hamas and Israel's violent conflict. Redmond Shannon reports on what Sunak was careful not to do and his pledge to support Israel, while also highlighting the need to help people in Gaza.

In a prime time address, U.S. President Joe Biden stressed the importance of America's support of Israel and Ukraine's defence efforts. Jackson Proskow explains the takeaways from Biden's speech and why more military aid for both Ukraine and Israel can't be delivered yet.

More than two million Palestinians, including hundreds of Canadians, are stuck in the Gaza Strip, cut off from fuel, food, water and medicine. Dawna Friesen speaks with Mansour Shouman, who moved to Gaza from Calgary with his wife and children in 2022, about how he and his family are coping, what he's been telling his children about the crisis and what he wants to tell the Canadian government.

Plus, competitive intensity, a measurement for how hard businesses feel they need to compete to gain an advantage over their rivals, has fallen, while profits and price markups rose, according to a new study by the Competition Bureau. David Akin explains the consequences for Canada's economy and consumers, and how the problem could be solved.

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