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Global National: Oct. 12, 2023 | Hamas atrocities revealed as Israel bombards Gaza

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WARNING: This story contains disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised. As the violent conflict between Israel and Gaza escalates, details are emerging of the horrific atrocities committed by Hamas militants on innocent civilians. Jeff Semple reports from Jerusalem on the grim stories being shared and the growing concerns for Canadians still missing.

About 70 Canadians are stuck in the Gaza Strip, according to Foreign Affairs Canada, while Israel bombards the territory. That is on top of cutting off more than 2 million Palestinians in the region from water, power, food, and medicine. Dawna Friesen speaks with Asia Mathkour, a Canadian-Palestinian trapped in Gaza with her family, about the dire situation.

Canadians in Israel are starting to safely leave, as the first evacuation flights organized by the Canadian government transport people from Tel Aviv to Athens, Greece. Crystal Goomansingh reports from Ben Guiron International Airport and speaks with some Canadians about their escape to safety.

As the bloodshed in Israel and Gaza inflames tensions, some Canadian members of both Muslim and Jewish communities are feeling anxious about the conflict. Mackenzie Gray reports on the increased security presence at religious sites in Canada, as anger rises over what's happening in the Middle East.

Plus, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv to reaffirm American support for Israel, in the wake of Hamas' attack. Joel Senick looks at Blinken's comments on the crisis, the concern over its humanitarian toll, and how the U.S. is planning to help Israel rescue hostages from Hamas militants.

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