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Global National: Oct. 22, 2023 | New fears Israel-Hamas conflict could swell into wider war

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There are new fears the conflict between Israel and Hamas could swell into a wider war. Israel is pounding Gaza. It also accidentally hit an Egyptian post near the border with Gaza. An Egyptian army spokesperson said several border guards were injured. The U.S. is increasing its military presence in the area and along Israel’s tense northern border with Lebanon. Fears of another front opening with Iran-backed Hezbollah. Jeff Semple is in Jerusalem with the latest on the escalating tensions.

Along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, 14 more villages have been added to an evacuation zone. Israeli Defence Forces say they hit Hezbollah infrastructure in response to the militant group attempting to launch anti-tank missiles towards Israel. Roughly 4,000 people have been forced from their homes on the Lebanese side. Crystal Goomansingh has more from Beirut.

Police in several Canadian cities say there’s been a noticeable spike in hate crimes in recent weeks against Jewish and Muslim communities since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began. Heather Yourex-West has that story.

Internal government polling obtained by Global News shows that in most provinces, Canadians think the federal government is on the wrong track. Chief Political Correspondent David Akin has been going over the numbers.

Canada’s Auditor General says the federal government needs to improve how it manages immigration programs. A new report finds applicants are stuck in immigration processing delays stretching back nearly three years.

In Argentina, the polls have closed for the presidential election. The most important issue for voters is its dire economy. Inflation is well above 100 per cent but the campaign was also dominated by a controversial Libertarian candidate. He called climate change a socialist lie, promised to abolish Argentina’s currency and believes selling human organs should be legal. Redmond Shannon reports.

The violent images coming out of the Middle East in the news are having an impact on many people including school students. Mike Drolet reports.

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