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Global National: Dec. 21, 2020 | Ontario preparing to enter province-wide lockdown

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Tonight’s top story: Ontarians will face a strict new lockdown right after Christmas, as the province aims to get a handle on COVID-19 cases. As Eric Sorensen reports, Canada's capital city of Ottawa, where cases have dwindled, sees the new orders as unfair.

Canada has joined a growing list of countries banning travel to and from the United Kingdom, in an effort to keep out a more contagious strain of COVID-19. But, as Crystal Goomansingh reports, some experts worry the orders may have come too late.

With Alberta's hospitals running out of room for COVID-19 patients, the intensive care unit at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton is making room for critically ill adult patients. Heather Yourex-West reports.

His time in the Oval Office is running out, but U.S. President Donald Trump is still clinging onto his fight to overturn November's election results, while the country deals with other crises. Jackson Proskow explains.

Neskantaga First Nation residents have been forced to live with dirty tap water for more than two decades. Upgrades to the community's water system were supposed to be done in 2018, but that hasn't happened yet. As Katherine Ward reports, a joint investigation by Global News, APTN, and the Institute for Investigative Journalism has found that Neskantaga is not the only First Nation to encounter issues with contractors.

From the SARS outbreak to the current COVID-19 pandemic, infectious diseases physician Dr. Michael Gardam has been on the front lines of Canada's health emergencies. Then Gardam was hit with his own medical crisis. And as Jeff Semple explains, that led to a major life decision.

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