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Reno gone wrong: Toronto-based contractor takes $82K, disappears

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A Toronto-based renovation contractor who held about $82,000 in deposits without completing work has left a customer convinced he’ll never see any of the money again despite taking legal action.

The project began in late 2021 when the customer, whose first name is Jeff, hired Miller Building Group, operated by Todd Miller.

“Nothing but excuses, lies, and deceit,” said Jeff, describing Miller’s abandonment of the renovation project in late 2022.

Jeff says he thought he’d done due diligence when he hired Miller: he asked for references and saw a project Miller had finished.

“I interviewed him, he showed up, he was professional,” Jeff said.

Sean O’Shea has more.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/9539382/reno-gone-wrong-toronto-contractor/

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