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Investigation into the effects of Ozempic and other weight loss injections | 60 Minutes Australia

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A deep dive into the science and the effects - good and bad - of the controversial drug Ozempic and other weight loss injection

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*Synopsis | Reshaping the World (2024)*
Blame it on our success as a wealthy western nation, but we live with an enormous problem. Our size. Too many Australians are too big. Everyone knows excess weight is bad for our health, but battling the bulge is a fight too few of us win. And that’s the reason drugs like Ozempic are in such demand. They promise a quick fix to losing kilos, even though they’re not designed as weight-loss remedies. But as Dimity Clancey reports, users need to be very cautious. The Ozempic hype is starting to wither, replaced with the reality that it and similar drugs are risky, even deadly.

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