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Child hostages back in Israel still live with fears of Gaza captivity: "Will Hamas let us?"

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Israeli grandparents whose two daughters and three young granddaughters were held hostage by Hamas in Gaza for weeks and released to Israel last month, are witnessing their daily struggles to shed off fears of life in captivity.

The couple recounted moments in the days following the release that reflected the implications of living in captivity on the behaviour of the young girls and their mothers.

"In the first days, they had a great fear. They were scared that Hamas could come and harm them here in Israel. And it took them, both Danielle and Sharon, some time until they were able to let go of this feeling that if they may say something to the media or say anything, Hamas will get them and kill them,” Remus Alony, the Grandfather said.

"Emma was in Danielle's arms and they kidnapped her from Danielle's arms. Danielle shouted and resisted, they pointed a gun at her and said: 'If you're not silent, we will shoot you," he added.

Under a temporary truce deal between Israel and Hamas, five of the family members were returned to Israel at the end of November, including their daughter Danielle Alony, 45, and her 5-year-old girl Emilia, and daughter Sharon-Alony-Cunio, 34, with her 3-year-old twin daughters Emma and Julie Cunio. Sharon's husband David Cunio, 33, was separated from his family a few days before the release and was kept in captivity.

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