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Total solar eclipse sweeps across North America | TVNZ Breakfast

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A total solar eclipse has begun across North America, expected to last up to nearly five minutes in certain spots. Breakfast was joined by Gary Siddal the president of Buffalo Museum to discuss how people in America can catch a glimpse.

In Canada, Constable Philip Gavin from Niagara Regional Police Services spoke to Breakfast from the region deemed one of the best locations to view the eclipse from. The region had declared a state of emergency due to concerns one million people were going to travel to the location.

Later 1News US correspondent Logan Church joined from New York to explain how it felt to be part of the rare total solar eclipse that was witnessed by millions from Mexico to Canada saying it felt "eerie" in the afternoon to have the sun "suddenly and quite dramatically" drop and the temperature cool down. Church also discussed Winston Peters was spotted in New York where safety glasses to view the eclipse.

▶ Chapters:
00:00 Eclipse sweeps North America
00:17 Science behind an eclipse
01:27 America viewing the eclipse
04:13 Niagara, best spot for viewing
07:40 1News US Correspondent in New York
10:55 Winston Peters spotted viewing the eclipse


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