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Rare gift allows people to remember the day they were born | 60 Minutes Australia

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The rare condition Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory only affects a small amount of people, but it allows them to remember almost every moment of their lives.

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*Synopsis | A Beautiful Mind (2024)*
Imagine being able to remember the day you were born. And from then on, every high and every low of every day of your life. For a tiny club of fewer than one hundred extraordinary people worldwide, this is no trick. Unbidden, and sometimes unwelcome, highly detailed memories constantly flood their thoughts. Eighteen-year-old Canadian Emily Nash is the latest and youngest person to be identified with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, or HSAM. But while Emily’s definitely the girl you want on your Trivial Pursuit team, her ambitions run higher. As she tells Tara Brown, she has volunteered herself, and her unforgettable and beautiful mind, to help those who can’t remember. And medical researchers couldn’t be happier, because they believe understanding Emily’s super brain will provide clues to better treat conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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