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Inside a South Korean Factory Churning Out Howitzers for NATO | WSJ

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South Korea is the fastest-growing arms exporter in the world, with their defense exports growing by 177% in just a five-year period. Although the U.S., Russia and France have larger defense industries, analysts say the pace at which Seoul is expanding marks a shift for their future.

South Korea’s largest defense company, Hanwha, is quickly constructing K-9 Howitzers for Poland and new submarines called KSS-iii that could help bolster NATO’s arsenal in the future.

WSJ takes a rare look inside Hanwha’s facilities to see how South Korea is transforming into a defense giant and explores what this means for the Western military alliance.

0:00 South Korea’s defense industry
0:47 K-9 Howitzers and speed of production
2:11 Submarines
3:22 Supply chain

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