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Domestic violence stemming from dating apps is getting worse | Extra Minutes

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Amelia Adams and Tara Brown discuss Australia's worsening domestic violence problem.

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Dannielle Finlay-Jones should be alive today. On weekdays, she should be teaching students at the school where she worked. And on weekends, she should be playing sport and hanging out with her friends. Instead, she’s another murdered victim of domestic violence. Her family, though, don’t want their precious Danni to be a statistic. They want the system that failed her to be fixed. As Amelia Adams reports, Danni had been looking for love, and met Ashley Gaddie, a 33-year-old tradie with a long history of violence against women, on a dating app. But Danni didn’t know about his past, or that he was out on bail at the time, and with no warning about his real character, she stood no chance.

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