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Afghanistan crisis: The moving moment an Afghan family reunites after Kabul escape

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Standing outside a reception centre near Paris, Shakiba Dawod became emotional when she was able to reunite with her mother, Qadira, and other family members after 12 years apart, just a few days after she was able to help them get on board a French evacuation flight from Kabul, Afghanistan.

According to her brother, Madhi, the family had been trying for 10 days to leave the country, going to the airport and the French embassy, but said they "didn't respond well." The family was just one of many wanting to flee because of pressure from the new Taliban rule.

Dawod told Reuters that one of her brothers had served in the Afghan army and was killed by the Taliban in 2019. After reaching out to his sister, who had been living in France for the past 12 years, the family was able to get in touch with the French contingent at the airport and were able to fly them out on a France aircraft. France's own evacuation flights ended Friday.

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