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NASA Explorers Season 6, Episode 3: TAG

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It was Touch-and-Go there for a few seconds...literally!

OSIRIS-REx had only six seconds to collect a sample of asteroid Bennu – in a maneuver called TAG, or Touch-and-Go – while the #NASAExplorers behind the mission waited anxiously from 200 million miles away.

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Created by: James Tralie
Producers: James Tralie, Dan Gallagher, Lauren Ward, Katy Mersmann
Scientists: Dante Lauretta, Mike Moreau
Operations: Beau Bierhaus, Coralie Adam
Broadcast Hosts: Michelle Thaller, James Tralie, Gary Napier, Nancy Neal Jones
Videographers: Rob Andreoli, John Philyaw, John Caldwell
Animation: Walt Feimer, Michael Lentz, Jonathan North, Adriana Manrique Gutierrez, Krystofer Kim, James Tralie, Bailee DesRocher, Jacquelyn DeMink, Lisa Poje
Sound Design: James Tralie
Data Visualization: Kel Elkins
NASA+ Executive Producer: Rebecca Sirmons

Music provided by Universal Production Music: “Voyager” by Jeremy Stack; “Moment in Time” by David Thomas Connolly; “Held” by Benji Paul Merrison and Will Slater; “Unstoppable Urge” by Frederik Wiedmann; “King of the Mountain” by Steven David Fay; “Night Watch” by Jeremy Stack; “Shadow Shifter” by Michael James Burns; “Follow the Drinking Gourd” by Kavin Hoo; “Conquering” by Alan Myson; “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy; “Human Stories” by Dominic Francis Glynn; “Marked for Flight” by Kavin Hoo; “Never End” by Sergey Azbel; “Getting Things Done” by Theodore Vidgen; “Dark String Bend” by Benji Paul Merrison and Will Slater; “First Rains” by Benji Paul Merrison and Will Slater; “Natural Wonders” by Benji Paul Merrison and Will Slater; “Successful Return” by Alan Boyd; “Frosty Dawn” by Benji Paul Merrison and Will Slater; “Starfall” by Sergey Azbel; “Lost Thought” by Adriano Aponte

Credit: NASA
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