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Low-Income Workers Should Be Grateful To The Rich Says Sean Hannity

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Sean Hannity told viewers of his show recently that workers who are struggling to make money should be thankful to the wealthy for their spending and the ability to work for them.

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"But anyway, and then he says something and this may seem like I'm – let me be very clear, I'm not a big boat guy. I just I'm not a big fan of boats. I hate being out on boats. I'll go out on boats because my friends want to go out on boats. Occasionally I go fishing maybe once a year, but I'd rent a boat. You know, one of my kids has a small, like 18, 19-foot boat, just a little tiny fishing, fishing boat. That's it. Do I want to go out on it? Never. Absolutely not. I'm not interested. One of my best friends is a great fisherman. He catch – catches, you know, these 40 pound striped bass almost every day, for crying out loud, before he even goes to work. He gets up that early in the morning because he loves fishing so much. So I'm not that impressed.

I would never want a yacht. I have no idea why people love those things, but they do. And everybody has different tastes. That's fine. And says Biden goes out and says, well, if you're going out and you're buying a yacht. It doesn't help the economy a whole lot. And I'm like, Yes, it does. You want to know why? Because it takes a lot of people to build those multimillion-dollar yachts that the rich and famous hang out in all the time. And you know what that means for them? That's food on their table. That's their mortgage or rent being paid. That is their vacations being paid for, maybe their kid's schools being paid for. And so it does a hell of a lot for the economy. Except if you buy into this mindset that you're supposed to hate people with money. When I washed dishes, when I was a busboy, when I was a waiter, when I was a bartender, when I was a house painter, when I painted ships in a shipyard, when I did general contracting and roofing and framing and remodeling and reconstruction, I never got hired one time by a poor person. I got hired by people that could afford to pay me because that's all hard, backbreaking work. And I was grateful to make the money so I could pay my rent."


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