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Jennifer Garner "chases the fun" of '13 going on 30' role in new holiday comedy 'Family Switch'

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The cast of the holiday comedy "Family Switch" joined The Morning Show on Friday to discuss the film's new release. The American comedy, based on a 2010 children's book, chronicles what happens when family members switch bodies with each other during a rare planetary alignment.

Jennifer Garner, star and producer of the new Netflix comedy, said that "I think I was chasing the fun of '13 going on 30' — there will never be another movie like that for me. It feels so lovely to have a film in the world that people have embraced as their comfort movie or whatever it is, it just makes me happy. What I specifically love about doing a body switch film is that the comedy can be so physical."

Garner was joined by co-stars Ed Helms (The Hangover), Emma Myers (Wednesday) and Brady Noon (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), as they dished out the laughs, spills, and hilarious anecdotes from the making of 'Family Switch.'

From on-set pranks to heartwarming holiday traditions, get ready for a behind-the-scenes joyride with the cast of this delightful comedy and holiday switcheroo.

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