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Help Me! Imran Khan's Shocking Audio Leak | Dunya News

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In the alleged audio, Imran Khan is repeatedly begging the American politician to make an anti-Pakistan statement, and begging her to raise her voice in his favor.

In the Zoom meeting, Imran Khan blamed the political failure of the no-confidence movement on the former army chief, while, as usual, also blamed the army and others for the murderous attack on him without evidence.

He also allegedly claimed to be the most popular leader in front of the US. He also exaggerated the worst economic performance of his era in front of the American politician.

At the end of the Zoom meeting, Imran Khan and his associates appeared quite happy after making anti-Pakistan statements before the congresswoman.

Begging the US Congresswoman is one of Imran Khan’s systematic efforts to get help from the pro-US powers that have now come to light.

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