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Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina Election Results FINALLY CALLED

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President-Election Joe Biden has won the states of Georgia and Arizona. Ana Kasparian and Benjamin Dixon discuss on The Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive: http://tyt.com/go

Read more HERE: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/12/upshot/election-arizona-georgia-results.html

"President Trump has closed to within around 11,000 votes in Arizona, but there is no longer a realistic path for him to erase the rest of the gap.

There are only around 16,000 votes left to be counted, most of them provisional ballots, and not all of those will ultimately be verified as eligible votes. The late ballots coming in have generally been in his favor, but Mr. Trump would need to win the remaining vote by over a 60-point margin to fight Joe Biden back to a draw.

The challenge for the president became even tougher Thursday afternoon when ballots released from Democratic-leaning Pima County, home of Tucson, were barely in his favor."*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Benjamin Dixon

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Benjamin Dixon


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