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Deep Sleep Experiment: Sleep Well With This Tech

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Can you really put a price on a good night's sleep? I did my own experiment to learn how to improve my sleep over three weeks. I tried everything from a meditation app, to $200 massaging goggles, to a $2,500 infrared sauna. And it worked.

Read the CNET Cover Story:
Can Tech Help You Sleep Better? This Is My 3-Week Quest for Answers https://cnet.co/3TkWEbo

Find the products here:
Baloo weighted blanket: https://cnet.co/3VgJrDa
Twilla body pillow: https://cnet.co/493iarm
Therabody SmartGoggles:https://cnet.co/3Tgh3hZ
Hatch Restore 2: https://cnet.co/3TeqEWF
Centr app: https://cnet.co/49QA1mw
Eight Sleep: https://cnet.co/4cjjkBC
Clearlight sauna: https://cnet.co/3IBxHUb
Oura Ring: https://cnet.co/3PlkSRS
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0:00 Get the best nights sleep you've ever had
0:26 Stanford Sleep Clinic
0:42 Dr Rafael Pelayo interview
1:27 Sleep tracking
1:37 Prep for polysomnography
2:47 Tracking sleep habits
3:15 Good sleep hygyne
4:15 Therabody SmartGoggles and Hatch Restore 2
6:19 The Curve, an infrared sauna from Clearlight
8:37 Results of the sleep study
9:54 Lexy's reaction

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