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Chipotle's Stock Price More Than Quadrupled in Five Years. How Has It Kept Winning? | WSJ

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In the past decade, Chipotle has faced food safety scandals, the coronavirus pandemic and the effects of inflation — yet its revenue has increased by over 200%. How has Chipotle managed to thrive?

0:00 Chipotle’s revenue has more than tripled over the past decade
0:51 What makes Chipotle’s business model so successful?
3:03 How Chipotle’s online ordering gives it an even bigger boost
5:37 How Chipotle uses social media to retain and gain new customers
6:33 What's next for Chipotle?

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How do the world's most successful companies generate revenue? In this explainer series, we'll dive into the surprising stories behind how businesses work--exploring everything from Costco's "treasure-hunt" model to the economics behind Amazon's AWS.

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