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Wallstreetbets: Finance expert on why Gamestop, AMC, BlackBerry and other stocks are going haywire

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Online trading platforms Robinhood.com and Interactive Brokers said on Thursday they had restricted trading in shares of GameStop, BlackBerry and other companies that have seen hefty gains this week due to a social media-driven trading frenzy.

The battle between small-time traders and hedge funds has shaken U.S. and European stock markets and moved into Asia on Thursday, with surges in several Australian companies joining a list of social-media hyped moves that have cost financial institutions billions of dollars.

Personal finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq is here to walk us through what exactly is happening in the stock market, and how Wall Street vs. Reddit might impact your pocketbook.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/7604713/robinhood-gamestop-trading-restrictions/

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