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US election: Astronaut Kate Rubins votes from International Space Station

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U.S. Astronaut Kate Rubins voted in the U.S. presidential election from space as the crew of Expedition 64 prepares to mark 20 years of continuous human presence on the International Space Station.

Joking that the application was for citizens who were "overseas" and she wasn't sure if space was technically overseas, Rubins said she felt it was her duty to vote.

"This is an honor for us. We also think of it as a duty,” she said. “It's a privilege but I think it's also our obligation as citizens. And so we feel very lucky to be able to vote from space.”

According to NASA, this is actually Rubins' second time voting from space. She cast her first ballot from space in 2016 when she was a crew member on Expedition 48-49.

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