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Parks and masks: Boris Johnson issues new rules for way out of lockdown in England

So Boris Johnson is soon to be on his feet now explaining his road map to recovery - after facing MPs earlier this afternoon - many expressing grave doubts about the clarity of his message. So what does the plan say? (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)

Step one on Wednesday 13th May will see permitted workplaces open and necessary travel to work encouraged.

The first changes are mostly ones of emphasis and restricted to England. The Government says that from this Wednesday workplaces that are allowed to be open, should be. And people who need to travel to work should do so.

In step two, from the beginning of June primary schools in England could open for the youngest children and those preparing for secondary school. More shops would be allowed to open and sporting events could take place in front of broadcast cameras only.

In the third step, the ambition by early July is to allow businesses like hairdressers, pubs and cinemas to open if they can meet the government's guidelines.


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