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Noodle-making as art - Chinese students show off skills

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Noodle-making is more than satisfying stomachs for the students of Taiyuan Tourism College in northern China's Shanxi Province.
The apprentice chefs take so much pride in this national staple food that they have perfected the ancient Chinese art of noodle preparation.
Under the direction of college chefs, the students learn about a range of different types of Asian noodles, as well as practical hands-on skills such as mixing, sheeting, cutting, hand-pulling and cooking.
Some can even blow a balloon from the unleavened dough. The apprentices spend months perfecting their technique, cutting around 15kg of noodles a day using a historic giant knife.
Shanxi Province is famous for its traditional knife-shaven noodles (dao xiao mian) thought to date back to the first century AD.
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