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Mexico: Thousands take to streets to protest against President AMLO

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Mexico City on Sunday, to protest against the policies implemented by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as 'AMLO.'
Dressed in white and holding posters calling the president a “traitor” and asking for his resignation, Mexican citizens protested against the cancellation of the airport, lack of security, and what they consider is an accumulation of power and lack of respect for institutions.
“We do not want to be a Venezuela. When we do something similar, we do not want the president to impose his ideas because he has incidences, AMLO is full of incidences. We want him to adjust and go with the time,” said protester Victoria Eugenia.
“Because the president is trying to have absolute power over everything. That is, he wants all the powers, he wants to have everything and that is dangerous,” added another protester, Arturo Cubero Piña.
The 'Rally of silence,' as it was called, became the largest against the president since he took office.
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