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Lebanon: Students protest against budget cuts at Beirut rally

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Hundreds of students demonstrated outside the Lebanese University in Beirut on Friday to protest against proposed budget cuts that would affect professors. They held flags and banners in support of academics.
"We are asking the government not to take any of the professors' rights so that we can end the protest and go back to the university", said Lina Safier, a student.
Professors were also seen at the rally. One of them, Kholod Alsbrout said: "It is necessary to find a quick solution to meet the needs of professors, contractors and students. The injustice has reached its extreme and corruption has become rampant."
Lebanon's government is planning to decrease the budget deficit - one of the highest in the world - by imposing austerity measures. Academics are the latest who could become affects by cuts. Security forces and military veterans have been protesting against the plan for weeks.
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