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How Heavy is the Universe?

How much does the universe weigh? As it turns out, this question does not have an easy answer.
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Two different approaches to weighing the cosmos are producing different results, and the standard model of cosmology might need a rewrite.

Scientists have been probing the cosmos searching for a quantifiable answer to the question: How heavy is the universe? However, the results they’ve come back with are inconsistent depending on how they measure it, and it’s causing a bit of tension.

Find out more about the two different ways of measuring sigma-eight and what these discrepancies could mean for the future of cosmology and our understanding of the universe in this Elements.

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How heavy is the universe? Conflicting answers hint at new physics.
"Two entirely different ways of "weighing" the cosmos are producing disparate results. If more precise measurements fail to resolve the discrepancy, physicists may have to revise the standard model of cosmology, our best description of the universe."

New Distance Measurements Bolster Challenge to Basic Model of Universe
"A new set of precision distance measurements made with an international collection of radio telescopes have greatly increased the likelihood that theorists need to revise the “standard model” that describes the fundamental nature of the Universe."

How Do You Weigh The Universe?
"Knowing the mass of the cosmos is central to understanding its history and evolution. While dark energy drives the universe to expand, matter tries to keep the universe from expanding."

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Seeker http://www.seeker.com/ How much does the universe weigh? As it turns out, this question does not have an easy answer.
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