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How China’s facial recognition system will track you (Full show)

Critics of the Hong Kong protests say that protesters are being goaded and even directed by the West. US news outlets have criticized Beijing as being “increasingly intolerant.” Rick Sanchez compares the police response in Hong Kong to the response to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 and elsewhere.
Then RT America’s Michele Greenstein reports from Hong Kong on often-masked protesters’ fears of accountability and the deployment of facial recognition technology.
Thousands of pilots are suing the aircraft manufacturer Boeing over economic damages stemming from the grounding of 737 Max 8 planes after two fatal crashes. Jamie Finch, former director of GAPAFA at the National
Transportation Safety Board weighs in. Leroy Chiao, former NASA astronaut and International Space Station commander discusses “fast radio bursts” from deep space and private-sector forays into spaceflight. Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins to discuss the crackdown on unauthorized streaming of television shows and movies. Plus RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij joins to discuss a sleepy French village’s thwarted attempt to ban pesticides.
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