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Global National Nov. 12, 2023 | Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital no longer functioning amid Israeli attacks

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A warning tonight: Some images may be difficult to watch.

The largest hospital in Gaza, al-Shifa Hospital, is no longer functioning as a hospital, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Shifa has been without electricity for three days, leaving the sickest patients without the medical help they desperately need. Daniele Hamamdjian reports.

Meanwhile in Europe, rising tensions over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are causing political divisions and social unrest. Redmond Shannon has the latest on the ongoing developments.

In Canada, Montreal experiences a second act of brazen antisemitism in less than a week, as a Jewish school is targeted again. The early morning incident has raised concerns about rising bigotry and hatred towards the Jewish community in the city. Mackenzie Gray has the story.

Also, Canadian fashion entrepreneur Peter Nygard has been found guilty of four counts of sexual assault by a jury in Toronto, though he was acquitted of a fifth count along with a charge of forcible confinement. Mike Drolet has the details.

On the Remembrance Day weekend, a Canadian soldier who served two tours in Afghanistan is currently homeless due to an ongoing dispute over permits at his family's mobile home in Manitoba. Melissa Ridgen reports.

Plus, new research out of Belgium is changing the understanding of what caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Scientists from Belgium recently explored a fossil site in North Dakota, called Tanis, which records the geological effects of the massive Chicxulub asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago. Heidi Petracek reports.

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