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Global National: May 29, 2020 | George Floyd’s death sparks waves of protest in the U.S.

On Friday’s episode of Global National, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been now charged in the death of George Floyd, days after Chauvin was seen in a video kneeling on Floyd's neck until he became unresponsive. NBC's Morgan Chesky is on the streets of Minneapolis with reaction, and tells Global National's Robin Gill about the growing anger over Floyd's death.

Plus, Jackson Proskow has more details on the third-degree murder charge against former police officer Derek Chauvin, the fiery protests in Minneapolis, Minn., and how police are now being criticized for arresting a CNN news crew.

In Canada, A New Brunswick doctor linked to the province's latest COVID-19 outbreak has now been suspended. Ross Lord reports on the consequences this doctor is facing, and how some restrictions in the province are returning as a result.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada's premiers have agreed to take action to improve care for seniors, and held a meeting to discuss solutions. But as David Akin reports, there are no concrete answers just yet.

Some harm reduction services in Canada have been able to pivot and adapt during the pandemic. Heather Yourex-West speaks with one family who has benefited, and is calling the past few weeks a blessing.

Are apartment dwellers more at risk of catching COVID-19? Does smoking nicotine or cannabis put you at a higher risk? Who's more affected by the virus - men or women? Jeff Semple takes your questions to the experts.

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