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Global National: May 15, 2024 | Thousands flee Fort McMurray wildfire

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Roughly 6,000 people in Fort McMurray, Alta., have been ordered out as a nearby wildfire puts their lives and homes in danger. Heather Yourex-West reports on how communities destroyed in the 2016 wildfire disaster and since rebuilt are under threat again and what's giving firefighters a welcome reprieve, while Nicole Di Donato reports on the ground from Beacon Hill.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is in critical condition after being shot while he was exiting government meetings. Crystal Goomansingh shows you the moment shots were fired, what's known about the alleged gunman and what witnesses heard.

Boeing is already in hot water due to a series of safety issues with its planes, and now the U.S. Justice Department is warning the company could face criminal prosecution over two deadly crashes of its 737 Max aircraft. Those tragedies occurred in Indonesia in 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019, killing 346 people. Jackson Proskow explains what Boeing is being accused of.

A major manhunt is underway in northern France for Mohamed Amra, also known as "The Fly," who escaped from a prison van after a violent ambush killed two prison guards. Mike Armstrong explains what's known about Amra and how the incident unfolded.

While a North Atlantic right whale has been spotted in Canadian waters for the first time this season, it is entangled in fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Heidi Petracek explains how rescuers are trying to free the whale, known as Shelagh— one of only 356 right whales left on Earth— and what's being done to protect the them.

Plus, Bob Ross, who taught a generation how to paint with his hit TV series, died of complications from cancer in 1995. Twenty-nine years later, Nicholas Hankins, a certified Bob Ross instructor, is picking up where the late painter left off. Mike Drolet explains how Hankins will honour Ross and carry on his legacy in new episodes of 'The Joy of Painting.'

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