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Global National: Mar. 2, 2023 | Canada's spy chief sounds alarm about foreign election interference

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CSIS director David Vigneault testified on Parliament Hill about foreign meddling, calling the Chinese Communist Party the “principal threat” to Canada's democratic institutions. Mackenzie Gray reports on what Vigneault was asked about, and how he responded. David Akin explains why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is resisting the growing pressure to call an inquiry, and how the opposition parties disagree over what an inquiry would look like.

An adventure in the mountains has turned into a devastating tragedy after three people were killed in an avalanche while heli-skiing near Panorama Mountain Resort. Jayme Doll has more on the details of the tragedy, and reactions from the company involved.

In England, a public inquiry has found national security and counterterrorism officials failed to act on key information which may have prevented the May 2017 bombing at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people. Crystal Goomansingh has the details of the findings, and the lessons learned.

Plus, space tourism is an industry poised to explode in the coming decades as private companies launch everyday people to the stars, but it's unclear what medical support will be provided, or how doctors can become licensed to practice medicine in space. Katherine Ward looks at the questions of medical licensing in the cosmos, and the potential implications here on Earth.

And, archaeologists in Egypt have finally been able to peer inside a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. A project to detect the chamber launched in October 2015, before devices discovered the cavity in 2016. Mike Armstrong has a peek inside the chamber, and reports on the technology that allowed this to happen.

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