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Global National: June 9, 2024 | France’s Macron calls snap election after EU defeat

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French President Emmanuel Macron called a snap National Assembly election after his party suffered a heavy defeat to the far-right in a European Parliament election. Millions of people across the EU have been casting ballots in one of the world’s largest democratic votes. Redmond Shannon is tracking the results.

Toronto has suffered a major loss of history and culture after St. Anne’s Anglican church went up in flames. The nearly 120 year-old building, a national historic site, also contained priceless artwork from some of Canada’s most renowned painters. Now, it’s completely in ruins. Caryn Lieberman looks at the devastating impact on the community.

The Canadian government is ready to proceed with a controversial tax hike announced in the April budget. It applies to capital gains above $250,000 — capital gains are the profit made on the sale of stocks, investment properties or a business. Some professionals like doctors and lawyers are against the hikes, citing retirement planning concerns. But as David Akin reports, the Liberals may be more concerned about scoring political points over the opposition.

After years of silence, “Roaring Kitty” has roared back online. That’s the investment influencer who back in 2021 helped propel shares of the video game retailer GameStop by as much as two thousand per cent. The stock surged again after his reappearance last Monday, then plummeted by Friday. Now the Massachusetts securities regulator is investigating his trading activities. Anne Gaviola looks at whether what “Roaring Kitty” is doing is legal.

Leave your phone alone. That message is becoming more common in classrooms across Canada as Nova Scotia joins four other provinces in restricting the devices at school. Heidi Petracek takes a look at the rules and gathers reaction from students and experts.

June is Pride Month — a time when the LGBTQ2 community celebrates its culture and identity and promotes the fight for acceptance. It also means recognizing the painful journey and discrimination they’ve faced. Now, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights has unveiled an exhibit about the LGBTQ2 purge from Canada's public service. As Melissa Ridgen reports, it was one of the longest violations of human rights in any Canadian workforce.

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