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FULL SHOW: Anti-China crowd wants it to capitulate on 5G – economist

China has already taken moves to waive a few import tariffs for US soybeans and pork, dialing down the tensions ahead of a mid-December tariff the US plans for Chinese goods. Both sides are still hope for a deal to end their trade war as China finds new supply chains in Brazil and Argentina. Economist Jack Rasmus weighs in. (6:13) We follow breaking news out of Pensacola, Florida, where three people were shot and killed after a gunman opened fire at a Naval air station. Legal contributor Mollye Barrows joins reports from Pensacola. (0:22) A data service owned by billionaire Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg has been caught promoting his campaign page. Investigative journalist Ben Swann explains. (16:18) And has the Democratic Party gone from mocking Trump to copying him? RT America’s Faran Fronczak takes a closer look. (21:05).
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