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David Attenborough talks about his new Netflix film | The Economist Podcast

Sir David Attenborough is about about to release his latest film—on Netflix. The 93-year old tells Economist Radio's Anne McElvoy about “A Life On Our Planet”, as well as offering his opinions on President Trump, Greta Thunberg and eating meat.

00:00 Sir David Attenborough’s career and new film
01:22 What's Chernobyl got to do with climate change?
02:51 Criticisms of being late to address climate change
03:51 Sir David’s first memory of climate change
04:29 Getting the tone of “A Life on Our Planet” right
05:39 Could he convince President Trump on climate change?
07:10 Have his programmes changed public opinion?
08:22 Sir David’s eco-friendly lifestyle changes
09:48 Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg
11:10 Will he ever retire?

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