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Covid-19: your questions about coronavirus, answered | The Economist

The novel coronavirus has killed thousands of people and is devastating the global economy. Ed Carr, The Economist's deputy editor, and Alok Jha, our science correspondent, answer your questions on covid-19. Find all of The Economist's coverage of covid-19 here: https://econ.st/33HyqOB

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Timecoded questions listed below:

00:50 - Will covid-19 trigger a financial crisis or is that an overreaction?
01:46 - Which industries will be affected the most?
03:10 - How will low-income countries be affected?
04:10 - Will some leaders try to use the pandemic to cement their grip on power?
05:48 - With some countries not doing much testing, how can we estimate infection rates?
07:12 - Why do mortality rates differ from country to country?
08:23 - When will the crisis reach its peak?
10:18 - Do we need to wait for a vaccine or could drug treatments help?
12:50 - How long will it be until we can get back to our daily lives?
14:59 - Can the pandemic accelerate the transition to us working and teaching remotely? And can existing infrastructure cope?
15:47 - What can we learn from this pandemic?

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