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Coronavirus: White House defends Trump's controversial use of "Kung-Flu" to describe COVID-19

During a White House press briefing on Monday, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany responded to questions regarding U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial use of the phrase “Kung-Flu” when referring to COVID-19, saying that it is his way of linking the virus “to its place of origin.”

Trump has faced criticism for referring to the virus as “the Chinese virus.” He refrained from that characterization for a time, but at a campaign rally on Saturday, he used "Kung-Flu" to describe COVID-19, despite criticism that the use of such terms had led to acts of discrimination against Asian-Americans.

When asked by a reporter why the president was using “racist” language, McEnany claimed he was not.

"I think the media is trying to play games with the terminology of this virus where the focus should be on the fact that China let this out of their country," she said during the briefing.

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