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Coronavirus outbreak: UK has met goal of 100,000 COVID-19 tests a day, government says

U.K. Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock held a briefing on Friday to discuss ongoing measures to combat the coronavirus in the country.
During the briefing, Hancock announced that the country had met its "audacious" goal made at the beginning of April to test 100,000 people for COVID-19 on a daily basis, saying the number conducted on April 30 was 122,347. Hancock called it an "unprecedented expansion" and commended it as a national achievement by a "huge team" working together.

He also advised that with the country "past the peak" of COVID-19, fertility services will be restored after a suspension due to the outbreak. He thanked people for abiding by public measures, stressing now the National Health Service can give the chance once again to couples looking to start a family.

The news came as the health secretary said the country now had 177,454 total cases of COVID-19, with 27,510 deaths in total.

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