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Colombia: Protesters and supporters gather for Uribe’s court hearing in Bogota

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Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Supreme Court of Justice in Bogota on Tuesday, to wait for the Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to arrive for his hearing on charges of alleged procedural fraud and bribery of witnesses.
Surrounded by protesters and journalists upon his arrival at the Courthouse, Uribe had to be shielded by security forces to walk towards the building.
Holding anti-Uribe banners and signs reading things such as "Let the tyrant fall” and “837 social leaders killed", opponents chanted slogans against the ex-president and tried to access the courthouse, but were blocked by several officers of the National Police.
Many supporters reportedly arrived on buses from other parts of the country. "I came now to protect Dr. Alvaro Uribe through the Catholic Church,” said a nun present at the protest.
According to reports, Uribe was questioned behind closed doors for seven hours.
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