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Colombia: Navy rescues suspected drug traffickers floating between drug packages at sea

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Mandatory credit: Fuerza Naval del Pacífico - Armada de Colombia
The Colombian Navy rescued three Colombian citizens floating between packages of cocaine hydrochloride 30 nautical miles from the municipality of Tumaco, in Colombian Pacific waters.
The images recorded on September 28 show the three suspected drug traffickers grabbing the package and waiting for the Colombian Navy ship to arrive. The rescue was carried out by the Tumaco Coast Guard Unit with the support of aircraft of the 4th Battalion of the National Army Against Drug Trafficking.
According to the Pacific Naval Force of the Colombian Navy, the three rescued received first aid on the ship and were transferred to port. There, they verified that the material in the packages was a total of 1,265 kilograms (2788 pounds) of cocaine hydrochloride.
The drug shipment and the detainees were handed over to the authorities to be prosecuted for crimes of trafficking, manufacturing, and/or carrying narcotics.
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