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Australia: Canberra 'will continue to pursue' case of detained citizens in Iran – PM Morrison

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mandatory credit: parliament of australia
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government would "continue to pursue" the matter of three Australians arrested in Iran, during a press conference in Canberra on Thursday.
"We will continue to pursue these matters in the interests of the Australians who are at the centre of these cases and we will do that carefully and we'll do that in close consultation through our officials who have been part of this process now for some time," he said, though he declined to comment further, saying it was "never in the interests of those who are caught up in these issues" to comment publicly.
A British-Australian woman and her Australian boyfriend were arrested 10 weeks ago, and a British-Australian academic was sentenced to 10 years in prison after she had reportedly spent a year behind bars in Iran.
Travel advice by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade includes warnings that foreigners risk arbitrary detention in Iran.
Mandatory credit: Parliament of Australia
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