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Argentina: Holocaust Museum exhibits more than 80 seized objects from Nazi era

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The Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires will exhibit more than 80 objects from the Nazi era that were seized two years ago from an Argentine antique dealer.
The exhibition will include a series of objects such as busts of Adolf Hitler, measuring instruments used in racial phrenology, trophies, knives, photographs, engravings with Nazi symbols and children's games designed to indoctrinate children.
"These despicable objects come from an ideology that caused torture and death. They are a display of a regime of hatred and discrimination that killed 11 million people, including 1.5 million children," Marcelo Mindlin, president of the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, said at a press conference at the Holocaust Museum on Wednesday.
The Argentine Federal Police confiscated the objects two years ago from the antique dealer Carlos Olivares, who is currently facing a court case for violating the national law 25.743 on the protection of archaeological heritage.
The Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires is defined as an experiential space covering the history of the Holocaust and its mission is to educate and preserve memory through objects, documents and testimonies of survivors. The exhibition will open to the public in December.
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